Optimum Property Management Inc

Brookings Property ManagementBrookings Property Management

Optimum Property Management, Inc. is a full service Brookings Property management firm dedicated to giving our owners the best possible management service for their investment property and providing reliable rental services to our tenants within the bounds set by our owners and consistent with the law.

As one of the premier property management companies in the area, our success has been the personal service and commitment to excellence our staff has shown.

We manage:

  • Brookings Single family homes
  • Brookings duplexes
  • Brookings 2-4 unit properties buildings
  • Brookings small apartment buildings
  • Brookings commercial properties
  • Brookings trailer/mobile home parks
  • Brookings owner associations

Brookings Property Management Success

Optimum Property Management achieves success in Brookings by consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients in service, attention to detail and our professionalism. We are a highly proactive, results-oriented company.  When you choose Optimum Property Management, you’ll receive professional Brookings Property Management services with a smile…! With years of experience in managing rental properties, you’ll find a well-run business operated with honesty and integrity. Whether a homeowner or a tenant, you’ll benefit from Optimum’s unique skill sets and expertise.

Why choose Optimum Property Management as your Landlord?

  1. Optimum Property Management is very responsive to repair and maintenance needs
  2. Optimum Property Management keeps the lines of community open – just call us!
  3. Optimum Property Management respects the Tenant’s privacy
  4. Optimum Property Management will listen to your tenant concerns
  5. Optimum Property Management exercises compassion
  6. Optimum Property Management knows the Brookings property management laws and regulations

You can expect professional behavior, good organization, reliability, honesty and great communication from Optimum Property Management

 Let Optimum provide your Brookings Property Management Homeowner Services

  • Brookings Property Management Marketing – Optimum Property Management understands the importance of a comprehensive approach to marketing.
  • Brookings Property Management Advertising – Advertising is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Brookings Property Management Selection of Tenants – Criteria for the selection of tenants is consistent and in compliance with Fair Housing laws.
  • Brookings Property Management Collection of Rents – Rent rolls are screened on the 5th of each month for action needed on delinquent accounts.
  • Brookings Property Management Property Inspections – An important aspect of management designed to protect your asset is regular property inspections.
  • Brookings Property Management Repair & Maintenance – Tight controls and supervision are implemented in all steps of the maintenance process.
  • Brookings Property Management Accounting – Monthly financial statements with copies of paid bills are provided by the 15th of each month.