Optimum Property Management Inc

Why Choose Optimum?

Benefit from our Experience

Since 2005, Optimum Property Management Inc has been providing property management services to homeowners and tenants in the Brookings / Harbor area. We are dedicated to providing services that are professional and  comprehensive for both tenants and owners. Our objective is to help homeowners maintain and manage trouble-free properties to maximize the value of their real estate asset. Our excellent reputation, expertise and vast knowledge of property and real estate management set us apart from the competition.

Attention to Detail

We care about the details and pay attention to every aspect of your property. This has given us an advantage when it comes to offering reliable property management solutions. We provide a laser-focus on delivering high-quality property management services.  We will help manage and maintain your property to maximize the value of your investment.

For tenants, we know that the day-to-day living in a property can highlight even the smallest imperfections every property develops.  Even the small items impact your daily life so we strive to address your every repair need as quickly as possible – to insure that your rental property isn’t a difficulty for you.

Friendly Approach

We know that for a business to stay successful, it must put the interest of its clients first. Optimum Property Management understands every client’s needs and we are willing to tailor services to meet them. We believe that the best path to success is to build partnerships and problem-solve with a team approach. We are a professional property management company that acts with integrity and treats all clients with courtesy and respect.

As a tenant or homeowner, you will find that Optimum Property Management takes the initiative to address potential issues BEFORE they become a problem. You’ll find us to be resourceful, knowledgeable, personable and detail driven.

Optimum Property Management Inc

Optimum Property Management has been proudly serving the Brookings / Harbor community since 2005.

You’ll receive professional service with a smile…! With years of experience in managing rental properties, you’ll find a well-run business operated with honesty and integrity. Whether a homeowner or a tenant, you’ll benefit from Optimum’s unique skill sets and expertise:

  • Excellent, diligent Communication
  • Dedication to the details
  • Organized Documentation
  • Forward-Looking – planning ahead
  • Engaging personalities and friendly faces
  • Always striving to exceed your expectations
Optimum Property Management, Brookings Oregon

Experience personal service from reservation to check-out   You can expect pampering when you book your Brookings Vacation Rental Home with Optimum Property Management! You will be met in person when you arrive at your vacation rental home for a brief tour of the amenities and special features found in each property. Have more questions during your stay? Call Alice anytime… Need a recommendation for food – activities – entertainment – shopping? Alice has the answers…. Let Optimum Property Management be your “coastal concierge”!

Optimum Property Management Inc

We are focused on the primary goal of “protecting property owner’s asset for the future” by practicing the following:

  • Maximize the return of your investment
  • Protect your asset
  • Increase your income
  • Provide accurate information and experienced advice
  • Always give you, our client, excellent service
  • Most importantly, focus on net operating income rather than gross receipts
Optimum Property Management Inc

To our Clients:
We put ourselves in your shoes and strive to maximize and/or enhance your rental by never forgetting to drive by, inspect, or even call your tenant on a regular basis to help avoid costly maintenance and preempt any type of tenancy issue that may arise.We take into consideration the needs of our clients; whether one wants to remain hands-on, would rather turn over the reins to a competent party and not worry about it, or be somewhere in the middle.

To our Tenants and Public:
We listen to you. We take pride in keeping everything working well in the rental.  We promise to treat you fairly and respectfully throughout your tenancy.