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Brookings Property Management

What should you know about Optimum Property Management?
Optimum Property Management, Inc. has been operating in the Brookings community since 2005.  Alice Lindley, president of Optimum Property Management, Inc. and owner has focused on the primary goal of “protecting property owner’s asset for the future” by practicing the following:

  • Maximize the return of your investment
  • Protect your asset
  • Increase your income
  • Provide accurate information and experienced advice
  • Always give you, our client, excellent service
  • Most importantly, focus on net operating income rather than gross receipts

Alice Lindley has over twenty years of experience in the industry.  First and foremost, she is committed to providing the best possible service with individual attention to each client’s needs.

What services can you expect?


Optimum Property Management understands the importance of a comprehensive approach to marketing.  Marketing services include:

  • An analysis of competitive properties
  • Recommendation of rents to minimize vacancies and maximize rents
  • Ongoing monitoring of existing leases for renewal and rent increases


Advertising is updated on a weekly basis and includes the following:

  • Update rent lists available on a daily basis
  • Media advertising placed as needed

Selection of Tenants

Criteria for the selection of tenants is consistent and in compliance with Fair Housing laws. The following screening is done on every applicant:

  • Credit check
  • Criminal background check
  • Eviction search
  • Public record search
  • Verification of current and previous rental history
  • Employment and other source of income verification

Collection of Rents

  • Rental payment is due in advance on the 1st of each month
  • Rent rolls are screened on the 5th of the month with 72-hour notices to pay or quit served on the 8th of the month
  • Delinquent reports are monitored daily thereafter

Optimum Property Management’s thorough screening process has resulting in an exceptionally low eviction rate.

Property Inspections

An important aspect of management designed to protect your asset is regular property inspections.

Optimum Property Management, Inc., has its own general contractor, Ronald Lindley.  He has many years of experience along with various HUD certifications to provide qualified maintenance recommendations, both preventive and reactive to property owner.

Specific, written move-in inspections are done with incoming tenants to verify the condition of the property at the time of occupancy.  The move-in inspection is utilized at time of move out to determine any damage that will result in the withholding of security deposit monies.

Repair and Maintenance

The following is standard procedure:

  • Investigation of repair request for legitimacy
  • Owner approval for all expenses exceeding the amount stipulated in Management Agreement
  • Tight control and supervision of all necessary work
  • Repairs verified for completion and quality before final payment


Optimum Property Management provides accurate and complete accounting services to our     owners. You can expect the following:

  • Monthly operating statements with detailed income and expense data
  • Copies of paid bills
  • Distribution check for the balance of funds available to the owner after expenses and impounds, if applicable, are paid

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